Your molded parts will meet the specifications and requirements of your drawings.


It's a simple process. Really!

You provide us a 3D model and 2D drawings and we'll build a mold that produces parts that match them. Before your mold is shipped, we sample it, qualify it, inspect the parts and certify that the tool is ready for production the day it arrives at your facility. All the guesswork is eliminated so your production lines are up and running from day one.

Our mold making processes are consistent and strictly adhered to.

Tool inspection








1.  Mold Design Control.
2.  Steel Hardness Inspection.
3.  Electrode Inspection.
4.  Mold Core/Cavity Dimensional Inspection.
5.  Mold Pre-Assembly Inspection.
6.  Mold Trial and T1 Samples.
7.  Mold Pre-Shipment Final Inspection.
8.  Expert Mold Packaging and Shipping.



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